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Remodel update: walls up, patience down

We’re about two months into our kitchen/family room remodel project, one month or so to go (God willing).  The excitement and fascination with watching “the process” is slowly morphing into impatience and a little irritation with living out of our basement like people in a fallout shelter during the Cold War.  What with the noise, debris, and fine baby powder-like dust wafting through our home at times it does feel more like a bunker than an actual inhabitable residence!

I do want to acknowledge that this is not a reflection on our contractor, Platinum, or their team of subcontractors. The reality is that hanging, taping, and sanding sheet rock, along with scraping “popcorn” (textured) ceilings, is a MESSY business. No way around it.  While the crew was hard at work, I was running around town finding things like cabinet hardware and marble and granite slabs. Here’s what I found for our kitchen center island at Cold Spring Granite – sad pic from my camera phone doesn’t do it justice:

{most of the large Calcutta gold marble slab}

{close up of veining – note: ours will be honed, this is reflecting a lot of light}

Hardware I’m considering for our cabinets, not sure if it’s too modern:{from Top Knobs, brushed satin nickel}

So, the rewards of these past few weeks? When I last left you, dear readers, we were finishing framing. Here’s what things looked like this afternoon, we have WALLS!

{Family room view}

{View from entry hall into remodeled area}

{View from fireplace hearth}

{View from inside the kitchen now opened to the family room}

We’re feeling really good about how things are shaping up. Sure, there have been some hiccups but our project manager is very eager to right things when they have arise. The other thing we’ve been happy with is how constant the work has been on our house. There have been maybe seven weekdays total where no one has been working on our house – and that is including the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays in there. The team is hard at work putting in full days and more.  The only glass-half-empty statement I can make regarding that is yes, that means we have had company in the house almost every weekday since the week before Thanksgiving. We haven’t had a break in the noise and intrusion since. I am SO READY for one, so it is with gratefulness that I am packing my bags to escape to Palm Springs in just over 36 hours. I can’t wait to see how the house looks when I return!

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