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“Instructions for living a life: Pay attention. Be astonished. Tell about it.” ― Mary Oliver

Spotted on the streets

The Sartorialist by blogger and photographer Scott Schuman is visual poetry…he manages to find regular people on the street, and sometimes not so regular, and displays their image in such a captivating way. It gives inspiration and subtle instruction, as well as just a beautiful look at fashion in the real world. For example…

Printed skirt and casual top with retro sunglasses and pops of pink in the handbag and nails. Nothing you couldn’t put together from your local Banana Republic or Gap and J. Crew, but it’s all in the “how”, that elusive styling, that makes it work.

I’ve often spotted women and men in my fair city who are showing their style chops in a similar way, and who so clearly and effortlessly appear to own what looks just-so and can confidently pull it off.  Sadly, more often I see many a victim of their own closet and their indifference…  I decided I might attempt to snap shots of these and share what lessons we can glean from these unfortunate missteps.  Kind of the antithesis of The Sartorialist.

May I present my first case:

Outside my very own offices, I walked behind a man whose pants were so short that I could see the entirety of his white athletic socks under his khakis.  I’m sure this is a very kind man, a man who has friends, family, and a rich life. Do not mistake my pointing out this minor faux pas as disregard for the person, for I do not actually even know this man.  But, even if you’re too busy living that rich life to follow or appreciate fashion, this is a mistake that just sets a bad first impression and I see both sexes make it so often that it must be a lack of education on the matter.

For the record: an acceptable pant length is when the hem lands midway on top of your shoe, and down to the top of the heel in the back, this creates a nice break (or the crease where the fabric folds).  This is true for men and women wearing flats. For women wearing heels, the hemline should be between the top of the heel and mid-heel (of the shoe, not foot).  Key is to keeping the pant leg straight, perhaps with a slight break, but not bunching at the top of the shoe.  You want it long enough that you aren’t exposing any ankle when standing and only a modest amount sitting. Exceptions for women are cropped or capri pants, when your hem is above the shoe at ankle or even higher. But, if your pants aren’t intended to be cropped (and IMO they never should be if you’re a man, unless you’re walking some runway!) then please avoid the floods.  I will try to regularly post a few “spotted” moments and the correlating tips, but apologies in advance for the grainy and out-of-focus shots… like the paparazzi, I have to shoot from afar!


4 comments on “Spotted on the streets

  1. janereichert
    January 25, 2012

    Ok- now I will live in fear that you will post me on here 😉 I will try to up my game when I am around you!

  2. found not lost
    January 25, 2012

    Jane – you could never be a “don’t”, maybe I’ll post you as a “do” for your effortless style!

  3. Kristen
    February 16, 2012

    Cropped pants on men is ‘fashionable’ here in Japan – I am still not used to seeing it! Then again, that isn’t the only fashion that makes my eyes widen here in the far east!

    • found not lost
      February 16, 2012

      haha, so maybe my co-worker is super trendy in Asia?? There definitely are many interpretations of what’s stylish depending where you live… maybe you should snap some pics and upload to FB, it would be a hoot!

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