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“Instructions for living a life: Pay attention. Be astonished. Tell about it.” ― Mary Oliver

Men at Work

It was like Grand Central Station here the past few weeks. Between the carpenters, the HVAC guy, the plumbers, electricians, and cabinet guy, and our project manager and architect meetings, we probably saw a dozen people take up temporary residence in our home around the holidays.

What is most awesome about this is that for those who don’t know, I am not a morning person. This means on my days off I tend to wander the house in my pj’s and slippers, sans make-up, donning glasses and a headband way beyond what’s considered a socially acceptable hour. It isn’t pretty but my kids like being chill too, and thankfully are too young to notice anything beyond their own enjoyment.  But lately, I’ve been holding entire conversations in this state with various carpenters and even our GC and architect at one of our Friday weekly site meetings.  I did have the decency to be a little embarrassed, but really, they’re in people’s homes for extended periods from dawn ’til dusk, surely they’ve seen worse?

Whatever the ego hit from the whole lack of privacy it is worth it in exchange for progress on our home renovation!  And this small army definitely managed to charge ahead on a number of fronts. The windows are finished and in, as is the surrounding exterior siding, you can see in this pic below.

The new siding needs to be painted, the two extra vents out have since been removed, and we’ve got it wired for two outdoor speakers to be connected when they come in, but otherwise we’re good to go out there.

It’s always good when things start getting closed up… sub-flooring in, vapor liner in (ceiling), foam insulation blown in (that light green stuff between the framing). Compare these pics to my last update and you can see the dramatic difference!

In the pic above you can see where the framing for the doorways and transitions from room to room will be — in the picture the far left is the backside of the mudroom, just right of that is front entry hall leading to front door. Darker area straight forward in the pic is the kitchen area, opening on far side is a doorway which was widened into the formal dining room. Forward center and where I was standing to take the pic is the sitting area of the family room, and to the right off camera is the bar, informal eating area, and another sitting area. The opening onto the deck is just right of the bar area and just off the informal eating area – I figured that’s a good way to set up a buffet/eating area for entertaining outdoors!  So, we’ve now passed plumbing, electrical, and framing inspections. Up tomorrow, insulation inspection – fingers crossed we get the all clear.

On my end, some items have been selected and even come in: we have our 6 interior built-in speakers which my dear husby took care of (had to give him a little homework, right?) and my two pendants from Cisco are in, just as gorgeous in person as in the pics I saw in the catalog. And I’ve worked with our architect Christine to select the white paint color for our perimeter cabinets (Benjamin Moore Icicle in eggshell finish), and the back splash tile (Royal Mosa in a 4×8 over sized subway tile, glossy finish in creamy white). My husband and I need a field trip soon to go select our 9′ x 2.5′ marble slab for the center island (hoping for honed Calcutta gold). This week they begin the lengthy sheet rocking work, and in parallel, our cabinet-maker Thane with Fine wood Structures is working away on the cabinets in his shop. Will be sure to post pics when we begin getting some actual walls!

Now I bid you adieu with a video that reminds us yes, video DID kill the radio star… inspired by our men at work, these M@W are asking a question that I often ask when I roll out of bed to banging hammers, whining saws, and electric drills…


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