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Mixing up tasty treats at The Yogurt Lab in Minneapolis

Really, really good stuff.  The Yogurt Lab opened recently near Lake Calhoun and the Whole Foods there, at 3100 Excelsior Blvd.  I headed there with my daughter and some friends for a post-ski lesson treat – only kids would want a frozen treat after spending 90 minutes in the snow and cold! The concept, as far as I know, is pretty new to the Twin Cities, but definitely not new in the world of food.  If you’ve ever been to a Yogurtland or Pinkberry (both chains popular in the southwest and southeast) this is a very similar place.

The equation at the lab is simple: a wide range of changing frozen yogurt flavors with some favorites and some more exotic + enough toppings to make your head spin. Then you pay by the weight like at a salad bar, $0.48 per ounce. But beware, frozen yogurt is dense, and that pile of gummy bears on top is too! I think I rang out at over $7.00 for one modest-sized cup.

I tried the chocolate chili and the salted caramel yogurt, both were very tasty, (though the caramel was a little too sweet for me, as I wanted to use sweet toppings so it was a bit of overkill). For toppings I was excited about the popping bobas (like tapioca pearls used in boba/bubble tea, but with liquid insides!), the liquid marshmallow topping, and the mini mochi (Japanese rice cake, gratifyingly chewy like a gummy bear but not sugar-sweet). My six-year-old daughter loved the Cap’n Crunch cereal (forbidden in our house, as I work for General Mills and that is a competitive product!) and the gummy bears on top of her dark chocolate yogurt.

Flavors like cupcake, green apple, and blueberry tart.

Some of the toppings included malted milk balls, coconut snowflakes, walnuts, and nerds candy.

The place was swarming with eager customers and this was in the middle of January! (Of course, it felt more like spring outside with our 40-degree-plus sunny day — INSANE, I am loving it!) But, I’m thinking I should get there as much as possible before May – and suggest you do the same – because with the crowd from the Lake this summer it’s guaranteed to have a line out the door most weekends.  Love when our little town adopts some of these cool concepts from our larger sister cities on the West and East Coasts!


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