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Thank you notes to make you smile

It’s that time of year when many notes of thanks change hands.  After discarding all the Christmas wrappings, wearing new sweaters and jewelry, and setting up the new video games and toys, it is time to sit down and write dear family and friends to let them know how much you’re (hopefully) enjoying the gifts they shared with you.

If you’re not, well, this could be one of those times a white lie is better than the truth. Maybe because I was raised during a time and in a family where it was considered impolite to return a gift. But, times they are a changing… seems the ubiquitous gift receipt is a declaration of the death of that bit of old-fashioned etiquette.  No, if you’re wondering, I’m not 90 years-old.

At any rate, I know I love receiving the sweet thank you notes in the mail in the post-Christmas quiet, the appreciation is appreciated!  Whatever kind words you want to share, it’s always a treat when your thoughtful and personal note is jotted on beautiful stationery.  I just picked these up from local shop Paperista.  I’ve written about this place before, it is a sweet little spot with some gorgeous social stationery you won’t spy other places.  These have the perfect amount of personality and style and are just the right size for a few lines to a friend.

Left to right: Snow & Graham letterpress note cards, Crane & Co. Studio, Julia Farill of red bird ink spectacle cards (4 assorted designs), and Oblation letterpress “C” box set.
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One comment on “Thank you notes to make you smile

  1. Wendy Brown
    January 7, 2012

    Hurray for Thank You notes!!! Way to support the “writing” Carrie!!

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