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It’s all how you frame it up

Latest update here is that we are behind a bit – shocking, I’m sure. Sarcasm aside, the challenges have been beyond our contractor’s control as the crew was hit by bouts of winter illness and several surprises in the existing structures. So, we are still in the framing phase of the project, which means a lot of work for the carpenters before the other tradesmen can come in (HVAC, plumbing, electricians).

I’ve learned framing is obviously a very important foundation (literally) for the rest of the work and it also is some of the more laborious and hardest for the homeowner to see results. That is, I come home and at first glance see only a few things changed. But there has been a lot of careful work on joists, beams, and adding support posts so our house doesn’t fall down that are not the sorts of thing I necessarily am looking at when I look for progress.  And by the way, it is still amazing to me to watch these guys putting stuff up based on just these drawings below from our architects with some notes on it. I just think it is so cool to think we’ll be living in a space that we helped design – what an experience.

The good news is, after the last week we are actually able to see a few key areas take shape. The first is the mudroom — it will be such a welcome addition to have an area with a bench and cubbies for coats, shoes, and school bags.

This view is from the rear of the family room, looking down the hall to the front door, and the framing at left is the new mudroom area.

Raising the ceiling some makes a big difference, as well as widening the door between the house and the garage (the old one was not even up to code, as it is to be a metal fire door and ours was a narrow little wood one!)

Then they pushed out the wall between the kitchen and living room, to steal some space from the latter to make the former wider (in order to fit our island). The result is looking like this:

That thing that looks like a wall in the middle of our kitchen is just temp framing that they had to create to help support the house as they were moving other walls and beams around. Good to know!

BEFORE: Old major support beam (the whitish one with black on it, and lots of nasty water stains around it)

AFTER: New clean and much stronger beam, as well as a new support post on each end (one pictured at right side above)

They’re assuring me we’ll have HVAC and electrical work starting next week, which will be good since we’ve lost much of our heat to the second floor due to them having to move ducts. Though it’s been unseasonably warm here I know that’s bound to end soon so heat will be much appreciated. Will be sure to post more pics – hopefully when there’s some drywall hung and beginnings of flooring.

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