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Giving thanks and teaching gratitude

Happy Thanksgiving to you all!  We’re enjoying a low-key Thanksgiving day with our extended family, so grateful to see them, and have our kids get to spend time with some of the family members they don’t see as often. Watching their faces light up when they hug and kiss their grandparents or cousins, aunties, and uncles reminds us how important it is to spend time together and let them get to know each of their family members as they grow up.

So much to give thanks for today, foremost, this:

No, we’re certainly not always a “picture perfect” family, not when temper tantrums rise, forgetfulness ensues, or we take each other for granted. But, I’m thankful for a family that is full of love and affection, acceptance and forgiveness, and that always supports each other.  Thankful for our girls being so healthy and good-natured, great buddies and caring sisters who look out for one another. Must give thanks for our first year in our new home, making it ours, loving our new neighborhood and great neighbors, and the new friendships and memories that we’ll continue making there. So grateful for the girls schools and their special teachers, we’re lucky to be in a community where we have them! Thank God for all we’ve experienced this year watching our girls grow up, enjoying lots of adventures together, healthy minds and bodies, and feeling the daily comfort and security that we know much of the world does not.

The biggest task ahead is to be sure we can teach gratitude to our kids and demonstrate gratitude in our lives each day, not just when we sit down to a big Turkey feast. Trying to take steps in the right direction, and next week at our oldest daughter’s birthday party instead of collecting gifts for her, we’ll be gathering toys to donate to Toys for Tots. Though she balked at this idea at first, I think she’ll learn a lot from seeing us bring those toys to kids who do not get much, if anything, at Christmas or their birthdays. We’ve also found a soup kitchen type experience where little ones are welcome to help serve food and greet diners, I am eager to get our whole family signed up so that we can be more active in the community as a family rather than the kids just thinking that is work that “moms and dads” do. Our girls love to feel helpful and will no doubt enjoy the volunteering. Will be sure to post on these post-event, but for now, it’s off to start our Thanksgiving preparations. Enjoy your day of Thanksgiving and hope you also find time today to make your list of thanks and ways to teach it and show it to those in your lives.


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