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Decisions, decisions… house projects galore

Along with the demolition for our kitchen, family room, and mudroom remodel, we are making a dizzying number of selections ranging from flooring types to window hardware; lighting to faucet fixtures (see below).  If you’d like to see some of the options and choices, take a peek at my design boards on Pinterest!

Happy to report that our architects at Albertsson Hansen have been ever-so-helpful in this department. Sometimes I can be paralyzed by indecision when there are so many intricacies and interdependencies hanging in the balance, so having an advocate and trusted advisor has been crucial.

Here’s what our project manager from Platinum Remodeling brought for us to check out in the way of flooring finishes. We’re going with white oak stained a dark, satin finish. The one we settled on is “spice brown”, the second from the top, because the color is a true brown, not too reddish, and doesn’t show the grain as strongly as some of the other choices below it. Also, it should help the kitchen island (unstained natural white oak) and white cabinetry pop. Try not be alarmed by the hideous current wood plank and plug flooring beneath it – I know, it certainly is a look.  Won’t miss that at all!

Not to be forgotten, lots of decor work for the rest of the house. Found this colorful fabric to make drapes for the two large windows in the lower level:

 I think I’ll pick up the blues and rust for accent colors on the throws, pillows, end table, etc. If you recall from an earlier post, that room was badly in need of some color!


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