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Demolition day is coming – 9 days and counting

At long last, we have our remodeling project start date: November 17th.  After a busy past few weeks we have hammered out a lot of the details between Platinum Remodeling (our General Contractor), Albertsson Hansen (our architects), and now Finewood Structures (our cabinetmaker).  In addition to that, we have had our plans reviewed by the structural engineers — you know, the people who make sure our house doesn’t cave in like a sink hole because we moved or removed too many walls!  Sadly, they delivered a “worst case” scenario which meant that a lot more structural reinforcements would need to be done all the way down to the concrete slab foundation than was previously thought. So, if we look lighter these days its probably just the thinning of our wallets!  The best advice we ever got was to protect for a contingency plan in our remodeling budget. It seems as if there are always “surprises” and revelations that come up in these projects so even though it is a bummer, it wasn’t that shocking. And I liked how our architect and builder worked together quickly to assess and address before finalizing our timeline or beginning demo.

One of the first steps was to order windows which our GC is doing next week. Next we’ll make our final plumbing selections, an apron front main sink for the perimeter and a small prep sink for the island.  We have a good idea of what we’d like, but need to give the brands and models to them as some can have longer order lead times. We’re also waiting to see some stained wood samples for our flooring choice. It will be 3 1/2″ wide oak planks stained semi-dark, maybe like a walnut, not chocolate or espresso brown. I’m wary of every little bit of dust showing on a too-dark floor surrounded by lots of sunlight – no need to highlight my lack of housekeeping skills.

I am still really struggling with the cabinet decision. They will be custom in a simple, clean shaker style. We are debating the merits of the “all white” kitchen versus mixing it up with some natural wood finishes on either the cabinets or island.

A) Something like below (lots of white, with white tile backsplash and marble – though our perimeter countertops would be dark gray and we’d likely make the island stained dark walnut for contrast):

B) Or like this, white perimeter with natural wood island, this is where I’m leaning. It seems to warm up the white:

C) Or, the “riskiest” is probably this. Only because to have all cabinetry in this natural oak finish might be more likely to be dated in the future or might be less broadly appealing than the typical white kitchen (not that I’m planning to move anytime in the near future, or ever if I can help it!):

I, however, do love this look. But it is a certain look and not everyone appreciates how the transparent gray stain brings out more pink and blue undertones in the oak.  What do you think? A, B, or C?

If you want to follow along with our selection process I’ll post a few things here, but also am using Pinterest as a place to collect inspiring images or specific items that I want to incorporate. If you’re so inclined you can sign-up to the site and then follow my Kitchen Project board or the Home Decor Board.

In the meantime, things could get a little quiet, as we have TONS of packing up to do in the three rooms they are demolishing. Good thing we saved our moving boxes for just such an occasion.


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