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Recipes fresh from the orchard

Fall in Minnesota means it’s time for a trip to the apple orchard! There’s one not far from us, Minnetonka Orchards, that our girls love because of the corn maze, giant hay stack, sheep and chickens, hayrides, and fresh apple donuts.  We made it out there last week and had a beautiful morning, sunny, temps in the 70s, and not too busy.  The girls even got to pick their own apples, came back with a peck of Haralsons!  We actually already had a bag of those plus a bag of honey crisps, but just couldn’t refuse as they’d never done that before.

So, what to do with all those apples? Searched for some recipes and here are two I tried that worked out really well (click on the links to get full recipes):

Roasted cauliflower with apple and dill – might sound odd to you, but somehow I knew it would be tasty, and it WAS. I sort of over roasted as my oven temps are too variable, so it would’ve been even better if it had slightly more bite to it. Super simple and very fall-like, the kids and hubby all enjoyed it!  And just in case you were wondering, the dill IS critical to this recipe’s success, so do not skip it. I served it with a chicken piccatta with a twist (hint of balsamic instead of capers, because not everyone likes those in our house!)

Crumb Top Apple Pie – way too easy, esp since I did use the shortcut and just unroll the pre-made refrigerated dough crust. Delicious. I love that apple crisp like crumbly topping! Eat it warm right out of the oven, not so good the next day because the crust and top are too soggy.


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