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Shellaced at the club

Sounds like a wild time, until I clarify these two points: the club is the health club, not a CLUB, and “Shellaced” is actually the professional nail product that was introduced at salons and spas in 2010.

So, yes, we did join a club, Lifetime Fitness. I actually hadn’t exercised in over 5 years (since my first baby), unless you count things that might’ve happened through the natural course of life, like chasing my kids, swimming with them, or running up and down the stairs trying to get the laundry, diapers, or aforementioned kids. 🙂 But, figured I can’t use “babies” as an excuse anymore for not having time to myself to work out, so am going to try and find the time to do 30 minutes two times a week to start.  The funny thing is that since joining I’ve worked out twice, (3o minutes on an elliptical machine or treadmill – have to take it easy so my out-of-shape atrophied muscles don’t go into shock!), but have eaten at the cafe once, bought a bunch of workout clothes (I had thrown my old stuff away long ago when I resigned from gym life) and visited the spa once. The reason being they have a child care center that is fun for the kids, easy-to-use, safe, and included in the club membership price. I finally get why my SAHM friends are all big gym rats… it’s not just about losing the baby weight, sometimes it’s about losing the baby for an hour or two. KIDDING!

So, that led to me trying out the manicure service there vs. at my usual spots. Plus, they were advertising the Shellac service, and I’d heard a lot about it and was curious — a manicure that will last 14 days! Another touted benefit is immediate dry time, so no risk of the usual smudges that mysteriously appear within minutes or even hours of painting your nails. Well, I had to test for myself.

The process definitely takes a little longer than the average mani, but I suppose it’s worth it if it keeps me from having to do it again in a week. I usually do my own nails with maybe a professional mani every 4-6 weeks for maintenance, but it would be awesome to extend it sometimes, especially think of before a vacation, big event, etc.  The manicurist also told me it does require a special removal process: soaking in acetone polish remover for 5 minutes and then using a cuticle stick to scrape off, followed by gentle buffing of the nail and then a clear, nourishing top coat. That’s more steps than I care for, but they did say they’d do it at the spa for me if I want after 2 weeks to switch back to regular polish or to re-apply the Shellac. I will report back on how the mani holds up.


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