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“Instructions for living a life: Pay attention. Be astonished. Tell about it.” ― Mary Oliver

New scent, new attitude?

As Liz Lemon would say, “Blurgh!”  (if you’re not a TV-head like me and mine, then that translates to “crap” or some expletive that they can’t say on 30 Rock). Feels like forever and a day since I’ve had time to post and digest what is actually going on in my life lately. This is weird, as I consider my life pretty mundane: get up, drop kids off, work, pick kids up, make dinner, play with kids, put them to bed, work (actual work or housework, depends on the night!) and then do it all over again. My days off are a little less structured, but not much, now that we’re working around a PM kindergarten schedule with bus pick-up/drop-off cutting the day in half.  And realistically, there is always at least one or two home-related chores that needs to be scheduled in for one of our “home days” — the latest was having our handyman look at replacing trim on two of our windows which had been pecked away by some nasty woodpeckers.

Or, the seemingly endless meetings and phone calls with our architect and future builder for our ever-pending kitchen remodel. Don’t even get me started. I will post about it eventually, but as it’s after midnight on a Tuesday night, now is hardly the time.

And the adjustment to the barrage of little tasks originating from our kids’ schools (would it be a “bad mom” statement if I labeled then irritating?) is taking a little more time than I’d have thought. Not that I don’t want to participate in my kids’ learning and school activities – on the contrary! It’s more that all of the little projects, notes, assignments, etc. just add to the pile up of things we struggle to get to each night before bed. Then there’s my actual work, where things have of late managed to get a little out of whack in terms of how much there is to do and how much time I actually get in the office to do it – same old story across corporate America these days I suspect.

Hence, the need for my attitude adjustment. Seriously, can’t you just feel it seeping out of me in my writing even? I know it’s bad when even my husband (who is ever-so-tolerant) says something like, “you’re kind of crabby” or “what’s got you so negative?” Could be also little time to myself of late just because of all the activities and school ramp up, etc. going on currently. I know I really should start each day with gratitude and face these minor life hassles with way more grace — otherwise I might find myself the mascot for (a seriously funny site, but also one that reminds me not to complain too much – or at least not in social media!) 🙂

One thing I did do that cheered me a bit was running over to Nordstroms with a friend so I could get out and I needed a new perfume since mine is nearly gone. I’ve been using the same one for quite some time, it’s Creed’s Fiorentina, and before that another from Creed, “Spring Flower”. But, I decided I needed a change, and maybe breaking out of my rut would energize me. So, I spent like 20 minutes just checking out all of the Bond No. 9 perfumes (there are over 50! they never discontinue any, just keep adding to the collection) there’s a huge range. Finally settled on my new perfume: Bond No. 9’s “The Scent of Peace” – a light floral and citrus with just the tiniest hint of musk and cedar wood to balance. Just my luck, wasn’t in-stock so its en route now from another Nordstroms location. Silver lining — the fun of receiving a little package on my doorstep… see, I’m working on it!


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