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Girls’ room decor from vision to reality

Everything related to fixing up our new home has taken longer than expected. We’ve been here five months already and have tackled a fair number of big projects, like the in-ground sprinkler system, interior painting, re-carpeting, new swing set, and deck furniture, the list goes on!  But, there were lots of littler odd jobs that just needed to get done that we were waiting on our handyman to come over to do. After patiently waiting (he’s good and a very busy guy) we had him out yesterday and he plowed through a bunch. Not the least of which was installing the new chandeliers in the girls’ bedrooms. Perfect timing since my mom had also just finished sewing a slipcover for the upholstered headboard I’d bought for our oldest daughter’s room.

Here are the (nearly) final results. For more info on the actual decor check out my earlier post with details here.

In the left corner you can see the fairy tent hanging from the ceiling, it’s over a big fluffy faux sheepskin beanbag from LoveSac. The chandelier is multicolored acrylic, not glass and pretty inexpensive. The headboard is the “Riley” from Pottery Barn, slipcovered in Shalini fabric from Annie Selke, and the bedding and rug are from Pottery Barn Kids. Only a few things missing — the trim for the drapes (I need to sew that on) and a bedskirt (thinking a white with leaf green trim or maybe the striped fabric from Annie Selke that coordinates with Shalini).

The chandelier for our younger daughter’s room is so cute, and that one IS crystal and was also very inexpensive online – not sure why, as the quality was very good. You can customize it with colored shapes, so I chose purple hearts and blue stars to match the rest of her decor.

Aren’t the shapes sweet?

I have to tell you that a designer from CocoBello, an interior design firm and boutique in Hudson, Wisconsin, is the one who helped me locate this chandelier. She was the nicest and most helpful salesperson I’ve encountered in a long while. Also, the shop is great, my mom and I often stop in just to look around when we’re staying at their home in Hudson. They had many chandeliers, but none was an exact match for what I was looking for. The designer said she’d check with some of her suppliers and took my number. Later that night she called saying she got kind of obsessed with finding this elusive chandelier I described and combed the Internet looking for options. So, this wasn’t even to be ordered from her, she was just doing me the service of sharing this website so I could go online and order it directly myself!  Incredible. Loved the size, options, and price and ordered immediately. Only word of caution if you choose to order one, you do need to assemble it yourself when it arrives, kind of daunting but at the end of the day, not that hard.


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