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Do it this weekend: Sun Street Breads for breakfast

This review is long overdue, but just in time for the weekend… if you’re in the Twin Cities you should find  a way to get to Sun Street Breads in South Minneapolis for a breakfast that will include incomparable biscuits, bread, and other baked treats, not to mention some darned good lattes made with local specialty coffee roasted from Dogwood (pictured left – a work of art!)

I’ve eaten at Sun Street twice so far and keep meaning to mention it here to enlighten those of you who haven’t ventured over yet (based on my survey of friends there are many unenlightened) despite the great write-ups they’re getting in the local pubs.

I’m not sure if this is why they named it “Sun Street”, but the spot is exactly what a neighborhood bakery should be, welcoming, light, bright, and casual. Here’s the counter where you place your orders.

The bakery’s at the corner of 46th & Nicollet, which is conveniently (and temptingly!) on our way to church just down the way. Perfect time to stop by for a biscuit sandwich or sweet pastry.

On my first visit, with my little girls, I had the LA biscuit sandwich – a seemingly incongruous name since if you know anyone from LA (and I do, as my brother’s been out there many years going “Hollywood”) I find it unlikely that a lot of people are stuffing their faces with biscuit sandwiches. Their loss!  Regardless, the LA presumably gets its name because it is made with a beef and pork chorizo, guacamole with onions, and Hook’s Muenster cheese. It was spicy and tasty, with the silkiness of the avocado balanced with the crunchier texture of the onions and jalapeno. My girls ordered the sourdough flapjacks and gobbled them up so fast I couldn’t even snap a pic! They were asking for more, so I also let them share a cool looking pastry, poppy seed creme fraiche kolache:

Crazy good. The filling is a sweet, nutty, creamy concoction made with ground poppy seeds, creme fraiche, and honey.

Next time out the whole family went. My husband had the Southern Fried Biscuit, a sandwich made with fried chicken and bacon, served with a savory sausage gravy. Rave reviews on his end.  I had this lovely below – the Rio Bravo biscuit sandwich: a green chile sausage patty topped with spicy pickled vegetables and Hook’s muenster cheese. Looking at the picture I’m thinking I’ll have it again soon!  The biscuit is so buttery and tender, and the sandwich is the melding of spicy, sour, and rich with the cheese and buttery biscuit. My mouth is watering remembering it.


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