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Korean food on the West side

I’m way behind on my posts, because last weekend there was so much to write about and so little time as the weather is finally getting good and the days are getting longer.  Anyway, I discovered a few new things while we were out and about, but this one deserves to headline. At last, Korean food for those of us west of Minneapolis!

A little background…we love Korean food (may have something to do with our Korean descent, and I know it has a “comfort food” aspect for my husband since his mom is an excellent Korean cook, for me being adopted, not sure if it’s in the genes or what, but I get serious cravings from time to time!).  We traipse across the Twin Cities to eat at good Korean restaurants on the St. Paul side of town. We live on the west side in Edina and the closest we’d found was Korea Restaurant on Oak Street in Stadium Village near the U of MN. Pretty good, not great. We prefer Hoban or Korean Garden, but that’s a haul to Eagan or midway St. Paul  respectively, from here. Even more so when the craving for bi bim bap or bulgogi is somewhat spontaneous at 5PM and you have two little kids who are raiding the pantry. 

So, when we got a flyer in one of those neighborhood mailings that you usually throw away announcing that Kabuki restaurant in Eden Prairie now had a full Korean menu we were beyond thrilled.  We’ve been going to Kabuki for over a decade – it actually started before we lived here or were even dating! We were co-workers on a consulting project here in Eden Prairie and thus, ended up getting team dinners there regularly – the sushi is super fresh and excellent, I think they make one of the best spicy tuna rolls I’ve ever had.  We knew we had to jump in the car and try their Korean menu if the quality was anything near that of their Japanese food; we were not disappointed. The kids shared mandu and chicken bulgolgi (which was excellent, good quality chicken, not that grisly kind you sometimes get at asian restaurants, and flavorful marinade grilled just enough but without excessive charring, which can happen all too easily).  This picture is so sad I almost didn’t include it, it’s like those unappetizing photos used in a lot of asian restaurants actually, so maybe it’s appropriate here.

I had the spicy jap chae (or chap chae), which is potato noodles with a lot of sliced vegetables, stir fried beef, and a delicious savory – and in my case, spicy – sauce. Excellent. I especially liked how they didn’t skimp on the meat and veggies, and the veggies were stir-fried and still crispy not mushy or soggy. Again, I’m only including the image here so you get a sense of what the dish is if you’ve never had it before.

They have all of the traditional Korean favorites: kalbi, duk mandu guk, dol sot bi bim bap, and kimchee chigae. Ahhh… my mouth is watering now, just thinking about what I will get when I return, probably next week. 🙂


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