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Technicolor decor this summer

I’ve inadvertently ended up in a mecca to beige. When we re-carpeted the basement and painted over the wood paneling a week after moving in last month, I hastily chose a neutral beige carpet. Anything lighter was too risky as far as showing dirt, especially since the kids will be playing a lot down there in the winters.  I was afraid of a color because colored carpet can be tricky. I worried I’d get sick of it quickly and be stuck.

For the wall color I did almost choose white, to brighten it up, but was afraid of scuff marks and of it looking too institutional and cold, since the basement is large and open and that would be a lot of white. I looked at a sage green or pale blue, but got cold feet and decided against both. So, now we have a very new, very clean, and very beige room. It cost a lot to paint because of the size, so I doubt I’ll be having that redone anytime soon. The sectional is old and actually may be replaced at some point, allowing a larger patch of color to enter the picture too.But, for now its up to the window treatments, furniture, and accessories like lamps, pillows, and throws to bring in some color. A tall order. (Or I could just let my kids’ toys and junk bring in the color, as you can see above!)

Surfing some flash sale sites for colorful inspiration took me to some cool stuff on Giltlike these modern print, fun colored pillows from Counterfeit Studio.  Really great prices, but sale will end 6/7 Tuesday AM, so get a move on! Also, these funky indoor/outdoor pieces from EMU, but how fun it would be to use these indoors around a game table. Ditto on the flash sale over this Tuesday 6/7.  If I were getting this chair, I’d get a cushion made with a color like orange or sunshine yellow, or even a small print with green in it.

We’ve got a similar beige challenge in our living and family room, but we’re saving that update for the kitchen remodel this summer as the rooms will all need to flow together.

The place its been easy to bring in color are my little girls’ rooms, as they both selected their own colors: pink and green for the older and blue and purple for the younger. Our older daughter’s room is coming along nicely, with light green walls, bright pink window panels, which will have this fun trim along the edges (see left), and a great upholstered headboard slip-covered in this fabric called Shalini from Annie Selke’s collection for Pine Cone Hill, (I love her stuff!) which I found at Calico Corners. Gorgeous. I showed it to my five-year old and shockingly, she loved it too!

The bedding to match needed to be simple and clean, so we chose this duvet and sheet set from Pottery Barn Kids (minus the large monograms).

I’m going to get a bolster pillow made of the floral headboard fabric to finish it off and have a tailored inverted pleat bed skirt made of either a complementary pink or green.

Lest you imagine her room being too mature, she did select this acrylic chandelier from local shop Creative Kidstuff which is loud, multi-colored, and very exciting to her. I think it’s so fun and shiny, and what can I say, the colors did actually work with the rest of the stuff. At least one family member isn’t afraid of a little color!


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