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Opening weekend at Wise Acre Eatery

I was pretty eager to get over to this new neighborhood joint which just opened in the old Liberty Custard place in Tangletown Minneapolis. The restaurant is brought to us by the same people who own Tangletown Gardens across the street – which I love. Beautiful garden shop, brilliant selection, and stunning arrangements.
The concept for Wise Acre Eatery is one growing in familiarity in the Cities: farm-to-table, fresh, seasonal ingredients, etc. This is a good thing in my book, though at the end of the day all that matters is does it taste good? (If I just want to be eco-friendly or support local farmers I can recycle and join a CSA – both of which I have done!)

The good news: the food at Wise Acre is pretty good, with potential upside to great (according to my husband’s assessment of his brunch dish). My dish, a breakfast sandwich of sorts was good, could’ve been great if the poached egg hadn’t been overdone. At least I had a superb latte (see left!) with which to wash it down. 🙂

I prefer the yolk at least a bit runny, so it was disappointing to find a completely cooked center. However, the sweet-savory combo of the cinnamon sugar doughnut and sausage with spinach and egg had the makings of a very good dish (see below). I know the pic isn’t the most appetizing, because of the sauce over top… maybe I should’ve photo’d my husband’s dish, much more visually appealing – but he ate it so fast I couldn’t even get a shot! Also, the place has a good vibe, nice ambiance, casual and intimate, earthy but urban.

The bad news: given it was opening weekend I can cut them some slack, but the service and wait was actually pretty bad. It wasn’t busy, as we were there around 12:30pm on Sunday, and yet we waited almost 30 minutes for our dishes to come out (several others who arrived after us got their food faster, unsure why). Then, the french toast we ordered for the girls arrived and had pecans in the bread!! They’re allergic to most nuts, and I have to say the fact that no mention of nuts was made on the menu is a major snafu, as you couldn’t see the nuts and I almost had a BIG issue on my hands. Not to mention when I told the waitress they were not too concerned and just offered us some bakery items. This was lunch for my kids, so they basically had doughnuts and some of my sausage for lunch, (it had already been so long I wasn’t about to order something new and make them wait yet again). I was not too happy about this but didn’t want to make a stink.

Bottom line: I’d still like to try this place again for dinner, but will give it another couple weeks to iron out some of their service kinks.


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