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“Instructions for living a life: Pay attention. Be astonished. Tell about it.” ― Mary Oliver

Our staycation continues

Well, we’re not on vacation, actually. We haven’t taken time off from work in a while since our cruise back in February – seems like eons ago now! But as I remarked to my husband the other day it almost feels like we’re on vacation in our own home lately. This is likely attributable to the fact that for several super-intense months we had a lot of subconscious stress surrounding the sale of our home and the move. I say subconscious because since we didn’t have to move it really wasn’t “stressful” in the traditional sense of things beyond our control or things that made us nervous. It was more that once we put the house on the market the need to keep the house perfect for showings, the negotiating and haggling with the buyers, and the unexpected repairs post-inspection all amounted to a lot of underlying stress that now, has abruptly, happily, unbelievably, evaporated.

We’ve been making the most of our time in the new home with a variety of projects in the evenings to get settled in, but also, relaxing and enjoying our new space with the kids. This last weekend my girls and I mixed up some yummy scones – we tried a new recipe because it was Sunday morning and I didn’t have any cream or buttermilk, and this one was different because it used sour cream instead (resulted in nice moist and fluffy scones, if you wondered).

We also had a new swing set installed in our backyard for the girls and so far they have been ecstatic about it! They pretty much run out first thing in the morning to play and first thing when they get home. I’m sure the novelty will wear off at some point, but that will probably be in the fall when it’s about time to head indoors anyway.  Given our old house had essentially no backyard and a large front yard, but on a very busy road, there has been nothing better than watching our kids run down the steps to the backyard and play away from the street, on a swing set of their own, or driving their little jeep or riding their scooter around or coloring with chalk on the patio.

This morning, continuing our staycation indulgences, we made some cornmeal pancakes for breakfast on our “home” day (the name my girls gave Tuesdays and Fridays, when we’re off from work and preschool). I’d never tried these before, but got the idea because we had some excellent banana pancakes at French Meadow on Saturday and that made me think of the oatmeal pancakes at Edina Grill (awesome!)  which then made me think of trying cornmeal pancakes – welcome to my food-obsessed mind. Google brought me to a great recipe that was a simple adaptation of the typical pancake. I then further changed it on the fly substituting sour cream for the yogurt and increasing the amount of brown sugar slightly and adding about a teaspoonful of pure vanilla extract. Results:

My three-year-old’s response when I served her pancake was an ear-to-ear grin and the exclamation, “It’s pudgy!” Meaning fluffy… and the pudgy pancakes were met with rave reviews by both girls so I definitely recommend you try some out this weekend!


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