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50% off Ariel Gordon’s initial pendants

This deal arrived in my email box a few days ago, via InStyle’s site StyleFind.  To get the 50% off you must enter the code AGSTYLEFIND at checkout, and note the deal expires Monday morning, 5/16.  With this deal the silver necklace is just $52.50, and the gold one is $150.  A quick side note, subscribing to the StyleFind email was totally worth it as I now regularly get emails with some pretty fabulous fashion deals in them.

So, I adore these little initials, and would get the “c” in gold if it weren’t for the fact that we’re spending money like water on stuff for our new home.  You know it’s not a good sign when the credit card company’s fraud prevention department calls you due to an “unusual amount of activity” to double-check that your card wasn’t stolen. Twice. Yowza! So, we might’ve moved to this house to refocus, relax, and NOT have to spend so much on our house, but do we get a couple of months grace period on that goal?


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