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“Instructions for living a life: Pay attention. Be astonished. Tell about it.” ― Mary Oliver

The Mother(‘s) Lode

Had a great Mother’s Day despite somewhat cool and dreary weather Sunday. Kids were great all day, despite skipping naptime. They were so sweet to me and not only did I get all the hugs and kisses I could want on my special day, but also the BEST art projects and handmade cards – angels! After teaching Sunday school for my 5-year-old’s class (where, to my relief, the children were all well-behaved and somewhat sedate) we stopped at Patisserie 46 to pick up some yummy sandwiches and treats. Next I went for a quick pedicure (along with every other mother and daughter pair apparently in the SW Mpls/Edina area — my daughters are far too young for such a trip in my mind, though I know I’m old fashioned because I do occassionally see little ones there in the mini-pedi chair – ack!) and then  headed over to celebrate with my parents and sister and her family over a dinner of hamburgers, homemade fries and milkshakes.

I did hit the mother lode of chocolate this Mother’s Day this year, thanks to my dear and thoughtful hubs.  (Apologies, don’t know what’s gotten into me with the cheez-o wordplay in my posts of late… today you can blame it on the large amounts of chocolate being consumed?) 

So, all the goodies were found at Max’s in the Shops at Excelsior & Grand in St. Louis Park, a fun gift shop with unique jewelry, specialty chocolates, and home decor.  Note the plate the chocolates are on is from Max’s too, so cute! The plate is from Plates With Purpose, so a portion of the proceeds even goes to a good cause, so cool! 

Check out the treats below (click on images to see the chocolatier’s sites) I think this is my favorite of the three: Chocolat Moderne, Bistro Bar Caramel Caress — dark chocolate filled with a runny, gooey, pear eau de vie-infused caramel. Delectable!

But then, it’s hard to say, because this was a very close second: Poco Dolce, Bittersweet chocolate tiles, with toasted sesame seed toffee inside, sprinkled with grey sea salt on top. Crunchy, sweet, salty, creamy, ahhh. A Gold Medal winner from the National Association for Specialty Food Trade, not surprising in the least once you taste it.   

And last, the Chocopologie bar by Knipschildt, in burnt caramel and Hawaiian sea salt. Liked the flavors a lot, but the texture of the caramel filling was my least favorite of the three.


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