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“Instructions for living a life: Pay attention. Be astonished. Tell about it.” ― Mary Oliver

Much-needed coffee break

Had a super productive week getting some things checked off on our monster list of house projects and ended the week on a high note with some beautiful summer-like weather yesterday – finally! Since it actually got over 50 degrees and wasn’t raining I was able to start taking out screens and washing them (didn’t get too far, in between my three-year-old’s tantrums and my older one’s playdate). So, had to switch to washing down the deck and deck furniture so we could dine alfresco – simple grilled steaks wrapped in bacon, pita and hummus, spring greens salad, and sweet potatoes (for the kids).

While I was at work outside, painters were at work inside, transforming our 70’s look basement (complete with floor-to-ceiling faux oak paneling surrounding the 1200 square foot area!) By painting over it with a nice neutral tan I found from the Aura line of Benjamin Moore- I like their paints because of the low VOC, far less stinky than the usual paint. Looks like a different room already, and the new carpet will be in on Tuesday, hooray! Wish I remembered to get the “before” shot, it was pretty bad. They’re also repainting our girls rooms, one wanted hers green and pink, very Lilly Pulitzer, and the other blue and purple (former colors of her older sister’s old room).

I also got our moving announcements out this week, well, most of them. Found the cutest customized postcards from Jack & Ella on Etsy. Didn’t want to spend a lot but wanted to send something because I feel like emails just get lost in the shuffle and you know how I love an excuse to buy stationery. Here’s what they look like (not my info, of course). Super fast turnaround too.

We also chose Albertsson Hansen Architecture to work on our remodel, and will begin our work with the programming interview this coming week. I feel very optimistic about them as partners and cannot wait to see their ideas. I found out a few co-workers have used them in the past and had nothing but positive things to say about their experiences. Check out our current kitchen, that oven must be original 1960’s, don’t you think?

At the Galleria I found the perfect pendant lamp for our future kitchen, would be great in a grouping of three in varied sizes and colors maybe. They’re blown glass, and are modern yet warm and natural feeling.  These are from the Que Sera home decor boutique, which always has the most beautiful things!

I finally got my coffee break while at the Galleria. We went to People’s Organic Coffee and Wine Cafe, I’ve been meaning to try this relatively new spot from the same people as the French Meadow Cafe in Mpls (which is great) but hadn’t gotten around to it ’til now. The food looked TASTY, (check out that spinach and parmesan scone at left) though I didn’t indulge this time – shocking, I know, but I had the kids in tow and didn’t really want to turn it into a full sit down deal since we had several errands to run and needed to get back.  So, I had The Salted Caramel Latte which was sweet, creamy, salty, caffeinated heaven. I’d put this drink up there, not quite the Miel Latte from Bull Run at Rustica, but maybe next in line. Don’t know how much longer I’ll be able to do the Starbucks and Caribou drive thrus when there are so many great local coffee places around. Definitely planning to stop back soon!


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