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Some spa and then some foie

Just a few hours ago I landed in Minneapolis, back home from three indulgent days in Vegas.  Feeling recharged from the time with friends and the luxuriousness of a whole weekend without a schedule, and Las Vegas is so the adult theme park. You want to eat an amazing 5-course meal, there are dozens of options. Spend the morning the spa? Hundreds of possible spa treatments at your fingertips. Champagne cocktail at noon? Anywhere you wish, you can even bring it with you while you shop the designer boutiques – at your own risk! 😉

Yesterday we started off the morning in the Bellagio spa, relaxing in the eucalyptus steam room, sitting in the whirlpool, and then off to our treatments. I opted for the milk and honey wrap with a mini-facial.  It’s a Vichy shower treatment, there are seven or eight mini shower heads all positioned above a treatment table where the water will gently rain down on your entire body while receiving the treatment of your choice. Amazing! From the Bellagio spa description: Skin is exfoliated with warm milk and sugar then wrapped in a milk and honey mask.  While the body wrap and Vichy was going the therapist then cleansed my face and applied a mask, followed by moisturizing cream. Wish cameras and cell phones were allowed in the facility since it was really so beautiful.

Following the spa we dressed and headed out to Crystals at Citycenter to get a late lunch at Wolfgang Puck, where we could eat at the bar, get a martini, and people watch as the restaurant is in the open at the center of the mall.  From there, we spent the afternoon window shopping, though I did teeter dangerously on the edge at Stella McCartney after trying on a few dresses that were just remarkable!  Just look at this print, and the colors were even more gorgeous in person…

And this leopard print silk dress was also beautiful, but the pleating and folding at the neckline along with the tulip shape of the skirt was what made it unique.

Thankfully, I wasn’t too far gone in Vegas la-la-land and came to my senses since I’d already treated myself to the two lovely frocks from DVF the day before. After we shopped ’til we dropped, we headed back to rest and dress for dinner at Sage restaurant in Aria, a farm-to-table concept from the same chef who made a name for himself in Chicago at some of the great restaurants like Trio, Spring, Green Zebra, and Custom House and even won the James Beard Award in 2006.  So, to the food:

First course, foie gras brulee with blood orange and salted brioche. By FAR my favorite of the night, of the entire trip. Could’ve eaten this light, airy foie rendition all day long. Loved that it had the crunchy crust atop the custard as well. Genius idea!

Next up, heirloom beets roasted in duck fat, because I cannot pass up beets on any menu. And, because I probably had like one serving of vegetables the entire time in Vegas. Yes, I understand it was cooked in rendered fat, but still, vegetables.  Then, onto the lobster agnolotti with roasted hazelnut, see below. Because the first two courses hadn’t yet given me a heart attack.

Then, the iberico pork loin with brussel sprouts and smoked dates. This thing came to the table with a strong aroma of smoky bacon. The skin on the loin was perfection, crispy and tasty. The accompanying crispy shoulder confit, also awesome. I was so full I almost couldn’t eat my warm brioche bread pudding with rum sauce and brown butter ice cream, but I did manage a few bites which were sweet and decadent.

After our three-hour feast we went for walk over to the Chandelier bar at the new Cosmopolitan hotel. The bar is definitely all Vegas, held within the center of a massive multi-story chandelier that drapes like a waterfall around the bar and it’s inhabitants. Very cool. Had we not eaten ourselves into a stupor maybe we’d have stayed a bit, but with an early departure this morning, we settled for a few photos and headed back to our room one last time.



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