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“Instructions for living a life: Pay attention. Be astonished. Tell about it.” ― Mary Oliver

Hedonism in Vegas

Indulgence for me is sleeping in, good food and drink, lazy time spent with friends, and shopping for beautiful & frivolous things. so, I started the morning with muesli, a mocha latte, and shoe shopping starting at Saks.

No, I didn’t buy all of those shoes, I did try several on, but instead convinced my friend to get a pair-gorgeous Prada patent leather sexy platforms. I need another pair of shoes like I need a hole in my head at this point.
Then, onto drinks at the sunken terrace at Wynn… fig sidecar at 1pm, followed by late lunch at Table 10 at Palazzo, oysters & truffle mac & cheese. Ugh, so much indulgence.

After refueling, stopped at the Diane von Furstenburg store, where I found these perfect dresses. The ink (blue-black one) is what I’m going to wear to the Beat the Odds charity event! I love the purple one, very fitted, so I don’t look like Barney.

After shopping, got dressed up and went to see Cirque du Soleil Love. Interesting show, my favorite segments were the opening “Get Back”, “something in the way ahe moves” and “Help!” Fantastic. Post-show, more food, sweet treat at Vosges

Followed by a savory snack at Bradley Ogden. Quail waffle with bacon and meyer lemon syrup.

Interesting, but I like the chicken and waffle at Bouchon better.
Then, one more stop before turning in at Bellagio. The Prada store…

Sweet dreams…tomorrow the spa and dinner at Sage.


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