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Baking in the winter white out

The only upside to the weather outside looking like this:

is having an excuse to stay inside all day and bake this:

For my birthday last week my sister and her family got me two cookbooks, and the recipes looked so great I couldn’t wait to try one!  So, this afternoon my five-year-old and I decided to try making the “St. Mark’s Gooey Honey Butter Cake with Lemon and Cinnamon” from In the Kitchen with a Good Appetite a cookbook written by Melissa Clark, writer of “A Good Appetite” column in the New York Times dining section.

What makes this cake unique is the yeast dough, and the delectable gooey middle part (which Clark describes accurately as reminiscent of a pecan pie filling) and then the caramelized, golden brown crust on top.  The sum of which manages to be sweet and buttery, but also balanced by the cinnamon bread base, to which the yeast has added depth of flavor and a heartiness similar to cinnamon bun dough. 

Though not a difficult recipe, there were a few steps involved, and some patience for the cinnamon dough to rise, this is what it looks like after it doubled in size and nice and puffy. Note: my kitchen’s always chilly in winter so I actually put it in my oven, which was OFF, but I’d headed to 200F earlier, then shut off, cooled down to just ever-so-slightly warm which helped the proofing process.

Then, mixed the buttery orange-honey topping (lemon in the recipe, but I had only oranges and this worked fine) and spread gently on top of the dough.

Finally, after baking for about 35 minutes (though next time I think I’d stop at 30), it came out looking like this:

My dear husband, who doesn’t even like cakes (which is a real shame since he’s married to a woman who’s always baking!) couldn’t wait to try it, because of the alluring citrus, butter, and bread aroma wafting throughout the first floor.  It was yum, yum, yummy! Sadly, my girls didn’t care for it too much, aside from the sweet honey crust, the rest of the cake went untouched, which I found out was because there was no frosting involved, which is basically the whole point of cake for kids. Oh well, more for me and husby. 🙂 Next up, I must try making the “Not-My-Grandma’s Chicken with Lemon, Garlic, and Oregano”, as it is a recipe using chicken drumsticks, which my kids DO love to eat.


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