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My favorite cupcakes are coming!

Mark your calendars, because on Friday, February 4th some of the yummiest cupcakes around are coming to SW Minneapolis.  Sweets Bakeshop started in St.Paul, MN and is now going to open a second location, and right near my neighborhood.  Not sure if should be excited or frightened… actually, I’m both!
One of my favorite cupcakes is the “Breakfast” – vanilla cupcake filled with bacon and topped with maple buttercream frosting.

But, one of my other loves isn’t a cupcake, it’s their delectable french macarons. These are the “new cupcake” as they seem to be sprouting up at local bakeries everywhere. It used to be I could only find them at Patrick’s New French Bakery, now they can be found at Cocoa & Fig and Patisserie 46 as well. I’ve tried them all, and lots of them, and while they are all delicious I think the ones from Sweets take the cake (or cookie, as it were)!  These salted caramel ones are my weakness, I also like the mint basil and the vanilla flavors. These little bite-sized cookies are light and crispy on the outside, chewy and moist inside, and the filling between is sweet and rich.

So here are the details for you to check it out:
The Minneapolis store will be open 11am-6pm Tuesday-Sunday and is located at 4747 Nicollet Ave S, Minneapolis, MN

The St. Paul store is open daily 11am-6pm and is at 2042 Marshall Ave
St. Paul, MN 55104


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