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Messy but worth it!

I posted about making these before, and they were such a hit I had to do it again.  Italian arborio rice stuffed with homemade ragu, and then FRIED!  The recipe is from the venerable chef Lidia Bastianich’s cookbook Lidia’s Italian-American Kitchen. The good news, it does get faster to make once you’ve done it before, and I also took pics this time for your viewing pleasure!  Hopefully it will inspire you to try this dish, great comfort food.

Cooked rice spread on tray to cool before you mix in eggs and cheese to make into balls.

Ragu sauce, strange that it has corn in it, but that’s because I didn’t have peas, and we like corn in everything!

Some of the stuffed rice balls, rolled in flour, eggs, then breadcrumbs. MESSY!

Almost ready to fry…

YUM! Super good, be sure to drain on paper towels so it’s not too greasy… and beware, very hot inside when you first bite into it. Buon appetito!


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