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Delicious little French cakes

To celebrate the results of my five-year-old’s allergy test which declared she is NOT allergic to almonds, we baked up some lemon madeleines. I thought they were delicious, but I think the girls were wishing they were sweeter. Suppose that without tea they were missing part of the point… but the little cakes are so spongy, buttery, and the citrus makes the cake.  The kids did like the way they look like “sea shells” though. Forgot to take a pic, but they did pretty much look like the ones from Martha Stewart’s site, and it was her recipe we used, from her Baking Handbook, which I use all the time.

Today I stopped by one of my favorite bakeries, Rustica, near Lake Calhoun. I picked up a miel latte and Kouign Amann (butter cake)my version of a continental breakfast. The former was smooth, rich, creamy, and delicious, thanks to the fact that they use Bull Run beans that are the best I’ve tasted (also because they do not even have skim milk as an option here, its whole or low fat only – purists!).  The latter is a pastry from the Brittany region of France, made of layers of yeast dough alternating with salted butter and sugar, then baked until carmelized…the resulting cake is both flaky and tender like a croissant, but then chewy and crispy on the outside from the caramelization. HEAVEN.


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