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The look for less: the perfect resort shoe

Passing by the shoe department in Nordstroms the other day I did a double-take – and no, not to ogle the Jimmy Choo Nova in nude patent leather, yet again.  I’ve had my eye on this shoe since last year but am trying to wait out my shoe lust until one of several things happens: 1) it goes on markdown to a price that is tolerable 2) it sells out in my size or is discontinued, or 3) I eventually fall out of love with it or find an acceptable alternative from another brand.  These are the things that run through your mind when you have so little willpower. Note: this was also the approach I tried to take with my new handbag, and it obviously didn’t work, as I just referred to it using the possessive “my”.

So, back to my double-take.  It was actually because of these Steve Madden wedge espadrilles ($80).  Cute, no?  Perfect for resort season, these look stylish but comfortable and casual enough for tromping around a beach town.But they looked so much like another one I saw from Bettye Mueller ($170) at a local boutique, Pumpz & Co., that I had to stop to be sure.

I know that knocking off high-end designer shoes is kind of Steve Madden’s MO, but this was the first time I’ve noticed the quality look on par with the original. Maybe because of the materials (rope and canvas) being more forgiving than working with inexpensive leather or hardware.  I actually think I like the design of the SM’s slightly better with the thicker platform – though I love the olive color of the Bettyes. So, there you have it, the look for less.




2 comments on “The look for less: the perfect resort shoe

  1. Jane
    January 25, 2011

    I tried on the pair at Pumpz but passed b/c my feet kept sliding most of the way through the front- not attractive. Maybe I’ll give the SM a try…cute!

    • found not lost
      January 27, 2011

      OK, if you do you have to let me know how they are, I’ve not tried them on myself, but am thinking of buying some for the spring!

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