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Life’s little (and affordable) luxuries

I’ve always thought of fashion as art, but artist Inslee Haynes is taking fashion and using it to inspire her art; creating prints, stationery, and calendars graced with her own gorgeous hand-drawn illustrations.  Today I’m dreaming of a dressing room decked out with these frothy prints, framed with sorbet-colored mats in simple gilt or black lacquer frames.

Since I don’t have a “dressing room” (though if I did, these would definitely hang above a little ottoman, upholstered in the most fabulous silk velvet, of course!) I’m ordering a couple of sets of note cards. Interesting stationery is a treat and a great gift as well. The best part, it’s just $20/set of 10 cards; $30 if you want them personalized with a name.   The 8×10 prints are $20, so throw in a standard mat and frame and you’re good to go. Affordable luxury!








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