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Want to catch spring fever? Check out these videos…

It may not be Fashion Week in New York, Paris, or Milan, but it is on Neiman Marcus’ website. They’re streaming videos of some of the runway shows of Spring 2011 collections, four days straight, releasing a new video every hour on the hour from 11am – 8pm CST.  What a cool idea, now that the spring collections are coming available!

One of my favorites was the Oscar de la Renta show.  The designer is known  for dressing women “of a certain age” and breeding if you will, of which I am neither, but I’ve always liked the designs. Maybe because they seem more practical and wearable than a lot of other couture.  And yes, there were certainly some more mature suits and tweedy day wear — that’s part of de la Renta’s appeal, ladylike and refined

But with the cocktail dresses and gowns (appearing more mid-show and building to an over-the-top finale of voluminous gowns) the designer is at his best.

What made the show so appealing was the combination of nostalgia and glamour, but in way that still felt fresh and modern. I loved the optimistic and lively soundtrack including flamenco-type music and tunes from the oldies group “The Platters”. Take a peek for yourself here, watching it had me daydreaming about sitting in a sun-soaked cafe in Spain.


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