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Kohler, take me away!

On my own for a few days while Jin hangs in Vegas for CES.  So jealous, especially with the cold and never-ending onslaught of snow here.  Am daydreaming about my girls getaway weekend later this month to Kohler Waters Spa just outside of Milwaukee – while it won’t be any warmer, at least I can cocoon myself in this beautiful and water-filled environment.  This will be my first visit and I am so looking forward to catching up with two good friends while being pampered in this award-winning spa resort.

If you too are craving a little escape, Kohler’s just a 6 hour drive from the Twin Cities, or a 1 hour plane ride to MKE (fares are hovering around $110-$150 rt at the moment for winter!) and then another 1 hour drive to Kohler.  Even closer from Chicago, ~2 hour drive.  Kohler and the American Club resort are known for their championship golf courses, so the rates you can get for a spa weekend package now are much reduced versus their peak summer season.  Will be sure to report back post-trip with a review and any other tips for a visit.


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