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“Instructions for living a life: Pay attention. Be astonished. Tell about it.” ― Mary Oliver

Getting it together, my way

At the risk of this sounding like a New Year’s resolution, I’ve decided I need to start getting myself more organized.  After talking to my dear husby about this the other day and then going through a training today that touched on organization, I realized the following:  age, multi-tasking, kids, and tech distractions (smart phones/FB/email anyone?) are all converging into the perfect storm which results in my desk resembling something of a mountain range of paper stacks and my brain something like a sieve. Well, maybe not a sieve, but at least a pretty leaky bucket. 

What I used to just manage in my head is now starting to fall out, and I think I need to develop an organization system of task lists, file folders, even selective purging of stuff to get my home office in order. (My work office is definitely more orderly, but the e-files could use a good review/purge/re-filing).  But, how to motivate?  A more inspiring and beautiful home office would work, but it’s not to be.  So I went online to create this inspiration for myself if I were redesigning my home office (and if I didn’t share it with Jin, clearly).  Instead of organizing I’ve procrastinated, but do feel more inspired to organize, so mission semi-accomplished. Next it’s off to Russell + Hazel to get some fun binders since my sister & brother-in-law were kind enough to give us a gift card, yay!

Office inspiration

Office inspiration by CarrieJC on


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