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My Top 10 Favorites of 2010

As 2010 comes to a close, every media outlet is looking back and compiling their “best/worst of” lists.  Personally, I don’t make a big deal about New Year’s, but now with this blog I feel so much pressure to publish something to mark the end of the year, the decade even!  So, here’s a somewhat random list of 10 trends and people I found memorable this year:

  1. Glee – When I heard of the show premise I was skeptical, and it actually took me a couple of episodes to get into it (at my husband’s urging).  But, obviously, they’re onto something and I’m an avid fan now. Some of their covers are better than the originals (e.g., Hey Soul Sister). It’s fun to see what was an “underdog” show come out on top, and a bunch of relative unknowns get to share their talent with such a broad audience.  Though the show is wholly inappropriate for kids, I do like to skip to the catchy music and dance numbers and show my girls, they love the energy and often re-enact the singing and dance moves – hilarious!
  2. Lady Gaga – going to her concert here in the Twin Cities was certainly an experience. I don’t think I understood half of her costumes, but the music was great, the people watching was fun, and if nothing else, I felt like I had to see this remarkable artist and marketing genius live at least once in my life.  When Glee did their Lady Gaga homage the melding of two major players in the zeitgeist  made for pretty good TV, way better than the Britney episode and at least as good as the Madonna one.
  3. Military style – Loved this, but didn’t go in for the camo, that felt like it had been done too recently, and I liked camo in more unexpected places, not on actual cargo pants or a military style jacket.  My favorite from this was the Rag & Bone Leigh jacket I bought in the fall. LOVE.
  4. Fur – Glad to see this one came back a bit from exile, particularly aided by the faux fur rage.  Though, I must say, the real deal is actually fine with me and never went out of style for a lot of us. Call me unenlightened, but I’m an animal lover of a different sort:  I enjoy eating meat, can’t live without leather, adore fur, and generally don’t lose a lot of sleep over it.  (I hope I don’t get hate mail from PETA!)
  5. Skinny jeans and Jeggings – see my earlier post on the virtues of these as a staple in my wardrobe this year.  I actually thought the idea of both was repellent at first, but once I figured out what types to wear for my body type and how to style them I was a convert. Not sure these will hold into 2011, but as I live in the Midwest where we seem to lag the coasts on trend-timing, I’m pretty sure we’ll still see ’em around. 🙂
  6. Gold – Just don’t call it a comeback. Could the precious metal ever really go out of style?  Late 90’s early 00’s I went to platinum and silver, mainly because of my wedding rings, but recently I’ve begun to appreciate the merits of gold, and  also of mixing metals. Thankfully, my husband has backed this trend and helped me on my way with some great pieces from Marco Bicego, including these stunners.
  7. Statement accessories – prior to the emergence of the statement necklace, I wasn’t a huge fan of costume jewelry.  But this, along with designs from J Crew, Lee Angel, and Kenneth Jay Lane changed it all.  Then, it quickly shifted to statement cuffs (I’m a fan of the cool lucite ones from Alexis Bittar) and bracelets, now onto earrings. And, of course, statement bags have been around for the entire decade and continue to reinvent themselves.  My 5-year-old YSL Muse bag is still one of my most-used, but also just added the Chloe Paraty in rock grey to the rotation.  I like the bags that are small on logos and overdone details, but big on sleek design and timeless style – because they’re serious investments.  The two aforementioned bags fit the bill in my mind.
  8. Back-up singers center stage – with singers like Ke$ha and Nicki Minaj releasing some huge singles, and contributing as features on some other big hits it was a fun year for music.  My favorites were Ke$ha’s Take It Off and Minaj’s Right Thru Me.
  9. Momofuku/Chef David Chang – though the chef and restaurants have been around the better part of the last decade, it seems like he really got “mainstreamed” this year with the release of his book Momofuku last fall.  It seems everyone I know in the city or who has visited NYC recently has made a pilgrimage to one of his five restaurants.  My visit to the noodle bar this past summer definitely made an impression and I can’t wait to try a few of the other restaurants out in 2011.
  10. i-everything – Especially the iPad and iPhone 4.  This is lower on my list, since I do not even own either of the gadgets, but had to include this since it seems to be inescapable if you live on the planet earth.  I’m holding out for the iPad 2.0, hopefully coming out 1st quarter 2011!  But, the main driver to get one is really the accessorizing, so many cool cases for just one tablet.  As for the phone, I’m not a fan, as I love my Palm Pre and prefer not to text/email on a touchscreen. I know, I’m a tech dinosaur.

So that about wraps up my take on 2010 from a consumer and media standpoint. I do have a brief recap of my personal 2010 memories/highlights to share, but let’s save that for 2011.  Happy New Year everyone!!


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