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Our new favorite oatmeal from Better Oats

OK, first off, working for a food company myself, I would not typically post about other packaged foods.  Second, packaged food isn’t usually that exciting or talk-worthy, I get that.  But, before I lose you, read this…. The instant oatmeal from this Better Oats, which I’m pretty sure has been around less than a year, is hands down the best instant oatmeal I’ve ever had.  It tastes more like the “real” oatmeal, but takes only 2 minutes in the microwave!  Be sure to look for the “Thick & Hearty” products, as they really are as described, thick and hearty – but not that pasty/gooey instant oatmeal like others I’ve tried.

My kids like oatmeal, and one day my husband saw it at the grocery store and was intrigued by the packaging.  Since he brought the first box into the house a few months ago we’ve been going through like a box a week, at least.  My 5-year-old loves the stuff, it, along with Corn Chex and Cheerios, is her new favorite for breakfast!   If you go to their site they offer trial coupons and make donations to local food banks for every coupon downloaded, which is also cool. Check it out here: Better Oats | Taste.   In Minnesota it can be found at Cub, haven’t seen at any Lund’s, Byerly’s, or Super Targets (yet).  They’ve got a store locator on their site too to help find where it’s available near you.


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