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Jeggings – “Yay” or “No Way”?

For those of you who haven’t heard this terminology before (and yes, there are many, which prompted this post) the jegging is essentially a hybrid between a jean and a legging.  Some are a little more jean (see Paige Premium Denim or Joe’s Jeans versions) and some are a little more legging (see Hue).

I’m a “yay” on this, but with a few key styling tips and watch outs.  Also, I do acknowledge that this isn’t an equal opportunity fashion trend, because they are by no means universally flattering.  I was actually pretty much against them when a friend of mine showed me hers a year or so ago.  Being short and more curvy I didn’t wear a lot of leggings. But these were surprisingly comfortable and easy to wear, and similar to the skinny jean (another trend I was late to adopt but have now fully embraced) I now find I want to wear them all the time.  A big advantage to these is they are great if you wear a lot of boots, since there’s not that thick denim bunching up, and between your long top and knee-high boots you really only have a few inches of actual jegging showing.

I’d like to try the Paige ones, above, that you can find on (click the image).  For now, the ones I run around in on the weekends or my days off with the kids are the Hue Jeanz, I have black and am getting the denim blue this week. I like that at $34 they’re WAY cheaper than jeans, similar in price to regular leggings, but a lot thicker and more substantial, so you don’t feel like your rear is hanging out.

Despite this new found love, I still have a few general rules for how/when I wear mine:

  • I look for dark washes with little to no “whiskering”, definitely not acid wash or that horrid, unflattering light wash on the thigh area. Makes me look like a sausage!  Generally, if you’re not 16-years-old, a size 2, or overly and irrationally confident, I suggest you do the same.
  • Always with a top that is long enough to fully cover my butt.  You can’t wear them like pants, no cropped tops, tucked in shirts, etc.
  • To balance the clingy bottoms you need something with more volume up top, a blousy tunic, a big wrap sweater with a belt, shirt with long but not too boxy blazer/jacket over it (see my examples below).  In general, layers and looser fits on top are good — not too much on the latter if you’re top-heavy to start, or you might look like a lollipop!
  • I think with the volume on top and skinny on bottom, it’s nice to have a belt sometimes, just be sure it’s proportionate to the bulkiness of your top (e.g., hard to do a skinny belt over a chunky sweater)
  • Shoes: debate exists here, but I don’t really wear mine with heels.  Maybe because mine are relegated to casual-wear only, but when I’ve tried it they always look like I’m trying to be too young, too sexy, or both.  I love wearing with tall boots, ankle boots, and ballet flats.  I do think if you try it with heels, a wedge or more chunky heel versus a stiletto or kitten heel would be best.
  • Bags: I like it with a medium to large bag, with a cross body or larger satchel is nice.

I actually started toying around with the idea on Polyvore and here’s some examples I created quickly:Styling jeggings - winter

OK, now I really want to get that taupe cocoon cardigan in the picture. Isn’t it great?  Well, those are my thoughts, but first and foremost, jeggings are a trend and as with any trend, I think you have to feel confident and comfortable in them or you should just skip it.  I have done that with many trends (vests, harem pants, giant oversized bags, to name a few).  If fashion doesn’t make you feel good then I think it’s sort of missing the point.  For my friends who hate the jegging craze, all I can say is there’s nothing wrong with a straight-leg or boot-cut jean, and this too shall pass.


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