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Win a YEAR’S worth of designer shoes!

So, this is day 10 of what is pretty much the worst head cold I can remember having in the recent past. I have been MIA on the blog for a few days, even though with the crazy blizzarding and below zero temps here in lovely Minneapolis I could’ve been holed up blogging away. Instead, I was blowing away, not snow, just my nose.  Too tired and too stuffed up to even open half my emails (even the ones from ultimate flash-sale site Gilt Group — that’s when you know I’m not well) I couldn’t get much enthusiasm to post.

I’m still in need of rest, so I’m sort of “phoning it in” on this post. But, the offer’s a good one: from a new site launched by InStyle: StyleFind.   The chance to win a pair of designer shoes every week for a year from Saks Fifth Avenue (value est’d at $20,000+)!

A cursory look at the site, it seems like a good concept, high-tech fueled online shopping merged with some editing from InStyle staff.  Be sure to check out the “Deals” and “Trends” sections of the site (from menu bar along the top) and definitely enter the contest (click on graphic below),  how fun would it be if one of us actually won it. That would really be something to write about, if I won then I could report on which shoes showed up each week. I’d give some away as a sweeps on my blog, since I’m sure not all of the pairs would suit me.


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