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Winter footwear… beyond UGGs

Following my earlier post on the best ballet flats my friend Jane asked “yes, but what about for the winters in MN? Any stylish suggestions?” — true, ballet flats are not the most practical for us this time of year.  Though I still sometimes wear boots to work and swap for ballet flats in the office.  This leads me to the ubiquitous UGGs.  Yes, I do like them and have a pair I wear myself when it’s really snowy or slippery, or if I’m outside playing with the kids. However, I prefer not to wear them around indoors as a fashion statement, they’re really about functionality for me at the end of the day.  First, because they’re bulky and decidedly casual/sporty. Second, because if you’re not outside, they can be a little overkill and no one likes sweaty feet.  So, here are some alternates I’ve found that I’d love to try as indoor/outdoor options (if I weren’t on shopping hiatus) and one pair I already have (hence the hiatus).

Belstaff Barkmaster leather boots – comes in brown or black. Would be great with jeans, cords, or a tunic top or dress and leggings. I’d even wear some woolly thick socks with them peeking out the top and inch or so (since these are not lined with anything warm).  The buckles are great, I adore the brown color and the worn-in patina. Also, these are flat, so no slipping around on those icy sidewalks.

Rag & Bone Moto boots – Leather and suede (this is not an issue, just remember to spray with protectant first! I like the Kiwi spray made for suede, sold in Target’s shoe dept, not expensive) with shearling lining. Nice rounded toe box for comfort, a little more rugged than the Belstaff, so I probably wouldn’t wear it with a dress, but under bootcut jeans or over skinny jeans/jeggings/stirrups, yes.

Cole Haan Air Michelle Shearling boots – Something with a bit of a heel, but still practical (assuming you walk with confidence in heels in fair weather too!) Fully waterproof suede and leather, with shearling lining and rubber wedge heel. Like the grey a lot, but comes in black and chocolate brown too.

Lands’ End Chalet Faux Shearling boots – Amazing for the price at $69.50! Like a sleeker version of the UGGs, this is narrower, has a lighter rubber sole, and comes in a variety of colors (I like the dark mink brown).

Via Spiga Cristie riding boot – I have these, in brown (also avail in black), and love the sleek, classic equestrian look. The small buckle hardware is nice, the cut is roomy (which is good for me because I have the hardest time finding knee-high boots that I can zip all the way over pants/jeans).  They are super comfortable and have a rubber sole so I’ve yet to slip on the ice, though these aren’t for playing in the snow, they’re very practical for errands in and out of the car. I wear mine with jeans/leggings on the weekends, with skirts and dresses over opaque tights for work. Marked down now on too!


2 comments on “Winter footwear… beyond UGGs

  1. Jane
    December 6, 2010

    Thanks for these! LOVE the 1st pair of boots but I don’t know if I can spend that much on shoes and still live with myself 🙂 Hope you are staying warm!!

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