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The perfect pair of ballet flats

First off, I am typically a high-heel type of person. Mainly because I’m 5’2″ on a good day, and I looked young when I started out in the corporate world and felt that being “vertically challenged” on top of that meant I might look like a 15-year old playing dress-up in a suit.  Now I’ve dated myself, since yes, when I graduated from college and took my first job people still wore suits in the workplace, except on “casual Fridays” which were just beginning to take hold and really were not even that casual — certainly not jeans. Maybe a skirt and blouse, definitely not open toe shoes or bare legs like you see now. (We walked uphill to school in the snow 5 miles each way too back then!  haha…)

But seriously, that’s how the heels became a habit, then Sex and the City happened and it was all over… the designer heel rage took hold and they had me at Manolo.  But, I digress. Back to the headline,  I’m sure you wondered if I’d ever get there: despite my love affair with high heels I’ve been wearing ballet flats at least a few times a week ever since the skinny jeans, legging, and now “jegging” craze hit (ballet flats look so great paired with these, not at all “frumpy”).  Not to mention that having babies forced me to realize that heels have little place at the park, at Baby & Me class, or on a playdate.

I’m now an avid lover of ballet flats, I own at least 3 pairs at any given time (right now I have black patent, taupe snakeskin, and pewter).  So, I’ve tried a variety of styles and brands and wanted to share here some of my recommendations depending what you’re looking for.

  • Best Overall: Vera Wang Lavender  Pros: Super stylish design, great shape, and excellent arch support (which most ballet flats lack) makes these some of the most comfortable shoes I’ve owned. I’ve walked literally miles in mine and they’re great city shoes. Con: Pretty expensive (I got mine on sale at Nordstrom’s — they’re on sale now for the half-yearly shoe sale BTW).

  • Runner up: ALL BLACK brand I found at a boutique locally (Ladyslipper), but is sold online at Pro: Variety of stylish flats for ~$100, often have styles on sale for considerably less. Quality, long-wearing and durable. Con: Not as comfortable as Vera Wang’s
  • Style: Chanel Pros: practically invented the ballet flat in my book. Cannot beat the classic cap toe and quilting, also has small heel vs. completely flat, so slightly more comfortable. I still dream of getting a pair of these. Con: $$$ — clearly.

  • Price: Banana Republic or Old Navy  Pros: more practical price while still very stylish  Con: Don’t hold up as well as the Vera Wangs or ALL BLACKs, esp if you’re hard on them like I am.

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